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SCS Come to Jinhai Floor for FloorScore Certification Annual Review

FloorScore is the world’s leading independent certification: the third-party certification of the American Scientific Certification System (SCS) and the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI), after rigorous testing and certification, to ensure that indoor air quality meets health emission standards. Surface floor. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) must be evaluated in accordance with the most stringent measurement […]

Why Anti static PVC Tile Should Be Coated with Floor Wax?

Anti static PVC tile is a conductive mesh structure in PVC floor. PVC is not conductive in the mesh. This is the soft rib and defect of tile. In order to make up for this defect, the inventor or original designer of anti static PVC tile specially designed the anti-static floor wax, that is, after […]

The Impact of Trade War on Flooring

The United States is preparing to implement a tax plan for 200 billion US dollars of Chinese goods immediately. This $200 billion list of goods involved 6031 items, accounting for 38%-46% of China’s total exports to the US last year. Our flooring is also on this list, the tax will increase by 25%. This is […]

How to Ground Anti-static PVC Flooring

People think that there is anti-static effect after installing anti-static PVC flooring, but it is not. The reason why the floor can be anti-static is because the grounding treatment under the floor, then what is the anti-static PVC flooring grounding method? Epoxy epoxy grounding When laying copper nets, leave a wiring head in each corner […]

Advantages of Conductive PVC Floor

Conductive PVC floor is a permanent conductive body with PVC resin as the main body. It is also homogenous and transparent. The material from the bottom to the surface is the same. If the surface is burnt or scratched, Broken, you can use a sander to grind and re-wax as new. Static electricity in the […]

Remove Dust by Using Electrostatic

The destructiveness of static electricity in manufacturing has become a well-known situation, but it is not as easy to imagine that it is necessary to accurately control static electricity. Therefore, anti-static technology has played a relatively important role in the manufacturing industry. Electrostatic dust removal uses the action of an electrostatic field to charge the […]