FloorScore is the world’s leading independent certification: the third-party certification of the American Scientific Certification System (SCS) and the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI), after rigorous testing and certification, to ensure that indoor air quality meets health emission standards. Surface floor. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) must be evaluated in accordance with the most stringent measurement and health-based specifications.

As the only FloorScore Certified ESD PVC Flooring manufacturer in China, we Jinhai Floor are committed to providing our customers with more environmentally friendly and healthy flooring. In August, the SCS certification body came to our company for an annual review as usual.

Trade War Flooring

The United States is preparing to implement a tax plan for 200 billion US dollars of Chinese goods immediately. This $200 billion list of goods involved 6031 items, accounting for 38%-46% of China’s total exports to the US last year. Our flooring is also on this list, the tax will increase by 25%.

This is a situation we are not willing to see, neither do our customers in the United States, but if it happens, we will do our best to help our customers stay competitive. At the same time, we will still focus on product development and quality control, develop our own sales channels, and enhance our ability to resist risks.

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